ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU DESTROYS MORO! Moro Begs For His Life Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 reveals the beginning of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro as Goku was finally able to perfect the powers of Ultra Instinct since the days of fighting Jiren in the Tournament Of Power in now using this power to completely annihilate Moro! With Whis and Beerus watching, Beerus pays his respects in witnessing Goku use this power with such grace as Moro struggles to keep up and fight back! Goku warns Moro that he can NEVER defeat him as Moro tires anyway, only to beg for his life later. And with Goku now getting serious and ready to end it, Beerus seems to have a bad feeling about something but what could this be? Is Beerus worried about Goku? Is he worried about the Ultra Instinct form? Are we going to see Moro make a comeback and defeat Goku? The end of Merus Vs Moro resulted in Goku reaching the height of power but will he lose it? Will anyone else get involved to fight Moro? Gohan Vs Moro? Piccolo Vs Moro? Majin Buu Vs Moro if he returns? Will Vegeta Vs Moro lead Vegeta to Victory? Will we possibly see Beerus Vs Moro? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!
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