The Entire Moro Arc (Dragon Ball Super) Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc COMPLETE STORY

The Dragon Ball Super Manga had introduced us all to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc following the events of both the Tournament Of Power and the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in giving us a NEW story centered around a very powerful escapee who was later revealed as Moro, the eater of worlds! As the DBS manga unfolded, we’ve witnessed all kinds of battles take place ranging from Goku Vs Moro, Vegeta Vs Moro, Merus Vs Moro, Gohan Vs Moro, Merus Vs Goku (training inside the hyperbolic time chamber) and much more, setting the stage for a desperate and dangerous battle that was extended and lasted for two years! The Moro Arc had also introduced us to incredible enemies and characters such as The Angel Merus, Saganbo, OG73-i, Yumba, Shimorika and more! Join me as we recap and explore the manga of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Story, in breaking the entire story down along with exploring event fight and every interaction involving our cast of characters! Was this the best arc in all of Dragon Ball Super? Was Moro Vs Goku worth it? Was Moro Vs Vegeta worth it? Be sure to subscribe for more Daily Dragon Ball content!
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