MERUS RESURRECTED! Granolah The Survivor Finds OG73! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67 Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67 reveals the finale of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc with Goku and his friends celebrating Moro’s defeat with a giant feast at Hercules place, with peace restored once more, Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu and Jaco were awarded with Medals of Honor for defeating Moro, all for Goku and Vegeta to learn of Merus being alive! Merus explains that he was resurrected into now being a mortal with his Angel Powers removed, it was due to the Supreme Kai begging the Grand Priest that lead to Merus’ revival! Beerus is punished by having him play with the Omni Kings while Whis assists him, we later learn that OG73-i is alive! And was stolen as many months later, a rouge that goes by Granolah boards one of the ships in his pursuit of stealing OG73-i with the assistance of Oatmeel! Who is Oatmeel? Who is Granolah? Are we going to see Goku Vs Granolah? Vegeta Vs Granolah? Gohan Vs Granolah? Is it possible to see Granolah Vs Goku leading to seeing Oatmeel Vs Goku? Vegeta Vs Oatmeel? Goku Vs OG73? Vegeta Vs OG73? What could this mean? What could this arc have in store for our heroes? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!
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