Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0: Episode 2: “The Devil Gamer – The Trap of Hell”

A criminal escapes from jail, disguises himself and gets a job at the restaurant Burger World. When his true identity is exposed, he holds the restaurant and the people inside hostage, including Yugi, Honda, Jonouchi and Miho, while also taking Anzu as a prisoner. When the criminal slaps Anzu for trying to warn Yugi, Yami Yugi emerges and wastes no time in challenging the criminal to a Shadow Game with Anzu’s life at stake. The game this time is that the two contestants are allowed to choose one finger to use. As soon as the game begins, they can do whatever they wish with it, the criminal chooses his trigger finger to fire his revolver, but is outsmarted when Yami Yugi uses his thumb to ignite a lighter, which he then puts on the criminal’s hand, so that if he tries to fire, the lighter will cause the Russian vodka he is about to consume to go up in flames. However, the criminal decides to cheat and uses his other hand to remove the lighter, before attempting to shoot Yami Yugi dead. As punishment, Yami Yugi subjects him to a Penalty Game, causing the criminal to hallucinate that he is being engulfed in flames. As a result, Anzu develops a crush on the man who saved her, unaware that it was Yugi’s alter-ego.
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