Welcome to a brand new video! Today we are gonna talk about 5 tips I wish I knew before I started my anime figure collection. Basically these things are mistakes I did in the past when I was still a beginner on anime figure collecting. I wish to share these things to hopefully help somebody out there who are still new to anime figure shopping or new anime figure collectors. You can take this video as Tips before you start your anime figure collection or some kind of guide so you won’t feel lost.
Here are the things that we will mainly discuss in this video:
First, you will learn about TWO kinds of scammers. Toy collecting or Anime figure collecting are ofcourse not an exception and are actually abundant of scammers. They look for preys on different platforms especially, those who are new to this hobby and are blind with the actual prices of the Anime figures. I will explain it more in this video along with bits of tips on how to avoid them.
Next, I will tell you all about the price value. There are THREE types and if you plan to collect anime figures, I suggest you watch this part since this will really help you manage your money and your anime figure collection.
The next tip you will learn are about shipping fees. One of the most important tip you should also have knowledge of since this will play a big role on your anime figure collection.
Fourth, few tips on choosing your anime figures according to your taste on sculpts and details and such by choosing your manufacturers. Not all anime figures are created equal and if you plan to invest on anime figures, you should choose the best figures that would fit your style and that would definitely satisfy you since you’re spending a lot of cash on it.
Finally, I will tell you the most important thing i wish i knew before I started my anime figure collection. You will have to watch this video till the end to know this XD
In the end, you will five new tips on anime figure collecting that may help you or guide you on expanding your anime figure collection.
Thank you for dropping by and thanks for watching! see you again next weekend ~ 💋
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